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Each tooth is present in your child’s smile to perform a specific function and contains unique shapes and characteristics to improve your child’s ability in biting and chewing food. The back teeth, known as the molars and premolars, are primarily responsible for grinding and chewing food, and therefore often have deeply textured chewing surfaces that are full of pits and fissures. Sometimes, children’s back teeth have a high risk of tooth decay and need dental sealants to provide additional protection.

The deep textures that help the back teeth easily chew up food can just as easily trap particles of food and bacteria that a toothbrush alone may not be enough to clear away. This could result in large cavities that leave the teeth vulnerable and require extensive dental repairs. Our dentist can determine if your child’s teeth would benefit from the placement of dental sealants to coat the biting surfaces in a thin plastic barrier. This prevents bacteria from attacking the tooth enamel underneath.

Following your child’s dental checkup, when their teeth are clean of any plaque and food particles, we can craft dental sealants from clear or tooth-colored resin and apply them to the biting surfaces. This preventive dental treatment is designed to last for many years before another application is needed.

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