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If your child sometimes forgets to brush their teeth twice a day or they floss infrequently, the latent bacterial deposits in their mouth could lead to an increase in oral plaque acids. As time goes on the persistent acidic environment in their mouth can gradually start to erode the mineral density of their tooth enamel.

Teeth in this condition are increasingly vulnerable to problems with tooth sensitivity and cavities. Children with significant tooth enamel erosion sometimes experience chips, dental fractures and even a failing dental filling.

If your child’s routine dental checkup at Dr. Kisha Steele Mitchell’s dentist office reveals signs of weakened tooth enamel they might recommend a fluoride treatment. Our pediatric dentist can often administer the treatment end of the appointment. Going forward increased focus in your child’s oral hygiene routine can help them maintain strong and healthy teeth.

For children with pronounced tooth enamel erosion they might also provide a prescription for fluoride supplements. Concentrated fluoride toothpaste and specially formulated mouthwash are two of the more popular option. They can often be applied directly to their teeth right before going to bed or at a time when they can avoid eating or drinking for up to half an hour.

If you live in the Huntersville, North Carolina, area and you are concerned about the strength of your child’s developing tooth enamel, please call 704-948-8494 to schedule a dental checkup at Dentistry For Kids. We look forward to helping your child develop healthy, beautiful teeth!