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Around 6 months of age, the very first tooth of your child will break the gum line. When this happens, it is important to begin caring for their teeth every single day. However, teeth erupt above the gum line, the baby will experience slight discomfort and pain due to a process known as teething. Although this is natural and everyone with teeth goes through it at some point in time in their life, it can cause pain to your child. Fortunately, numerous treatments exist that can help your child.

Furthermore, there are various symptoms to help indicate if your child is teething: Listed below are common symptoms of teething to watch for:

– Difficulty sleeping

– Minor irritability and pronounced fussiness

– Excessive drooling beyond normal

– A loss of appetite or change in appetite

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to begin applying treatments. This can include using clean utensils to rub against their gums and teeth including a gauze pad, small spoon, teething ring, or your finger. However, if your child is experiencing rashes, fevers, or diarrhea, speak with your pediatric dentist.

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